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Letters from Campers

 Poem written by D.G.K
a Camper from 2017

A home away from home, a place to get inspired,
The Rebbe in our daily lives- this camp I truly admire!

Not only is it Ruchnius, but fun here can’t be measured,
The trips, the swims, the running- all memories here are treasured!

Learning, friends, nature- there is so much here to achieve,
An outsider would have to see in order to believe.

Just only walking in, true love can be detected,
We are all one family, and together we are connected!

Staff here is no questions-we’ve got the best ones around,
They really care about each one of us, there dedication is profound!

The activities are tochendik and yet very fun,
If you want to check it out, you’ll see I’m not done!

There is so much more that I haven’t wrote,
And for the best camp? CLR I would definitely vote!

I’ve been to camp last year and it taught me a lesson;
CLR is the best camp- don’t try messin

From a Staff member

Dear Rabbi Lipszyc, Pesha and Rivkie,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an amazing summer and give you some feedback from my experience as a counselor in CLR this year. 

I came not knowing what to expect, and what I saw was beyond anything I could have imagined! The love and concern for each camper and staff member was astounding. It's easy to talk about Ahavas Yisroel, but it's much harder to actually live it like you do! 

As a staff member, I couldn't ask to be treated better. You were always offering to do anything to make our experience better and help us do our job. All those little things, for example giving us alarm clocks, made such a huge difference and made us feel like queens! The trips and gifts were very much appreciated. It wasn't just get on a bus and drop us off somewhere, it was a carefully planned trip with all aspects included so we could have the best time possible. It wasn't just any gift, it was something thoughtful and useful. Whenever we had programs at night, they were really enjoyable and great!

The support system set up for us was also unbelievable. If we had a problem, we spoke to Pesha or Rivkie right away and the problem was off our shoulders and into capable hands. It was such a relief to have such an amazing team behind us, we knew that you would be taking care of it right away and we didn't need to worry. I don't know how to emphasize that enough – how amazing that was! It really showed how you felt your responsibility to take care of each camper and help each one and not just dump it on us and hope we can handle it, which is unfortunately what happens most of the times in camps. You were constantly encouraging us and helping us do our job best!

The head staff this summer were phenomenal. Starting with the head counselors, activities in general, Tzivos Hashem, night activity, and everything else. We never had to stress about any activity, we knew the HC's had something creative and fun planned and that Chaya had all the supplies ready. Even when it rained, it was all figured out calmly and quickly. The HC's were amazing at their job – keeping the kids excited and entertained all day long! They literally never stopped. They were always asking us how we were doing and trying to make it better for us. I never realized what good head counselors really are! They worked so hard and it really showed. The whole theme was brought out so well, especially with the days theme and Rebbe Time all connected. The supplies were always organized and Chaya was so eager to help,  canteen was a pleasure to deal with, night activity was really fun and exciting, and Tzivos Hashem was amazing! I literally couldn't believe how much the kids learned, they really pushed themselves because it was made into a huge deal! The prizes were amazing, I wish I was a camper here just for that! Chanie was always on top of it which was so helpful and the kids really learned and grew a lot. 

I really loved the way davening was run in camp. It was always a quiet, serious atmosphere but open to discussion. The questions that the girls asked about the daily Tanya and Chumash, and the way they were answered so seriously was precious! It was great that as a counselor all I had to do was sit and daven, I can honestly say I haven't davened like that since I was a camper. I can't get over how all the kids were quiet mostly the whole time – must be a CLR speciality!

In general, I really think that every camper and staff member felt well taken care of, we were supported 100%, the atmosphere in camp was always positive and happy and the campers have fun and grew. I already told you this, but it's so nice to see how everyone is part of the CLR family – the amount that the married staff are involved in every aspect of camp is really beautiful! So I just want to thank you, a million times over, for all the hard work and tireless efforts you put in to make this camp what it is!

Hatzlacha with next year, and beyond!


Cit's 2010


4 Girls in Bunk 3 2010



  Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Lipszyc

  Thanx for everything you do for us!! This is the most awesome camp in the world!!! All the trips are amazing but we’re still waiting for our ATV ride!!! Thanx for the cheese cake, the sushi, and cakes you brought us!! Thanx for putting money in the canteen for us, we don’t know what we’d do without it… Thanx for caring about every single camper and helping us out with everything, we really appreciate it!!! And thanx for being the most amazing directors in the world!!! HAVE A GOOD SHABBOS!!

Rochele and Esti, the best counsellors in the world!!!