Camp Leah Rivka | 705-382-3770 | Burks Falls, Ontario

The Name

Camp Leah Rivka is named after Leah Rivka(Lilian) Schtraks, who passed away on Yud Adar 5769, March 2009, at the young age of 67. This camp is dedicated in her memory by her daughter and son in law Moshe and Sara Lipszyc. Leah Rivka was a woman who was much admired for her honesty, Tznuis, and for being particularly careful not to speak Loshon Harah. She led a challenging life with much hardship, yet she was always dignified and never complained about her difficulties.

Leah Rivkah taught us to have courage and faith no matter what life brings. She was a true Chassid of the Rebbe and wholeheartedly believed in the coming of Moshiach now. It is with these qualities in mind that we have named our camp Camp Leah Rivka.