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Letters from Parents


Dear Rabbi Lipszyc,
As a parent of a camper this year, I want to commend you on several positive details that I have already noticed about your camp, after only the first day of session!

1.       All your communications and written materials have been articulate, intelligent, and professional. Makes a great impression.
2.       The organization and atmosphere at the meet up point for boarding the bus was well done. Girls were excited, the wait was not too long…. Overall it gave off a good impression.
3.       Allowing the girls to settle in to beautiful accommodations, eat a yummy meal, and then call home the FIRST NIGHT was brilliant! Parents always worry and wonder if their kids are ok, but you eased the parents’ anxiety right away. Also, it shows your great confidence in your camp, that you believe the girls will be positive and reassure their parents.

Yasher Koach for all the hard work that obviously went into getting this camp off the ground and doing it in such top-class fashion. I wish you great hatzlocha for the rest of the season, and thank you for giving my daughter such a wonderful place to be this summer.
Best Regards,
Yehudis DanzingerDear Rabbi Lipszyc,



Thank  you so much for giving our girls the time of their lives.  I don't think they will be able to go to any other camp now that they've experienced camp Leah Rivka.  May you have continued success in all areas and be able to uphold the gold standard, five star treatment of this most wonderful camp.  With wishes of a chasiva vichasima tova to and yours.

Sheva and Moishe Schmukler

Dear Rabbi Lipszyc,

Thank you for giving our daughter a fabulous, chassidishe experience this summer.  She was satiated both b'gashmius and b'ruchnius.  May you and yours be blessed with a Ksiva vachasima tova and a shana tova umesuka.  Moshiach NOW!!  Rabbi & Mrs. Dovid Thaler

Dear Rabi Lipszyc
It is very hard for me to write this letter as I was one of the people on the waiting list who was not granted a spot in your camp last summer. I also hear that you are going to give those who've been by you first choice in camp this coming summer. I am sure you've heard from numerous people by now that the kids in your camp had an amazing time, and they have grown b'ruchnius, in Tzniyus, and in all other ways. For this reason I think it would only be right that you give everyone a chance to get into your camp, and either allow ALL girls in, or make it a two month girls camp and accept more girls so that you could accommodate everybody. I would also like to suggest that you accept everyone who registers from one class in the same school, so that there won't be a girl that is always hearing about your camp without having actually been there.

I want to wish you a lot of continued success, and may we all have the Zechus of having our children in you camp in Eretz Yisroel together with Moshiach.

Dear Rabbi Lipszyc
We wanted to thank you, for giving our daughter, moussie, an amazing camp experience! She came back a changed girl:)

We want to thank you for the customer service. I'm impressed!
Thank you!!!!

Ora Stebben

Dear Rabbi Lipszyc
Thank u Camp Leah Rivka for giving our daughter SURI a fun packed summer!!! We surely know we will see u next year!!
We wish your family and all staff
members a Happy and Healthy Sweet New Year!!
Kasiva V'chasima Tova
The zeiler family
Monsey ny

Hello Rabbi Lipszyc,
Thank you again for the great summer camp you and your devoted and wonderful staff  ran.It has been an amazing experience and we are still hearing about it.
Thank you so much!
Ksiva Vechasima tova!
Rachma Vidal

Dear Rabbi Lipszyc.
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the whole of Postville is talking about CAMP LEAH RIVKA! All the girls came back so uplifted and excited . They had a wonderful summer both B'gashmius and B'ruchnius. (their English teacher can't wait to give them writing assignments about camp!). We B"H had a camper and counselor join in your banner year and we are so pleased with what the camp has done for both of them! may you go from strength to strength and may the camp grow in leaps and bounds in all ways! Good Shabbos.

Thank you,
Mendel & Rashi Racies


Dear M. Lipszyc,

I'd like to thank you, the head counselors and all the head staff for making my daughters camp experience amazing!!! Whenever I spoke to her she was having a great time and loved her counselors! Chaya is already making plans to come back next summer I"YH! I am so thankful and so happy for Chaya that she met so many wonderful people and had so much fun! I know camp helped her grow in so many ways!! Wishing you all a Kesiva V'chasima Tova!

With much appreciation,
Yocheved Rappoport

Dear Rabbi Lipszyc,
I would like to thank you on behalf of my daughter. I dont know where to start, my daughter has come back a new girl. She is doing much better in school, and is just a much happier girl. She does not stop talking about the Helicopter ride and all the other wonderful trips you took her on, the trampoline on the lake, and all the other activities. We would also like to thank the wonderful head counselors and all the other staff who have helped my daughter grow and gave her such a wonderful summer.


Thank you,



Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Lipszyc,

Thanx for everything you do for us!! This is the most awesome camp in the world!!! All the trips are amazing but we’re still waiting for our ATV ride!!! Thanx for the cheese cake, the sushi, and cakes you brought us!! Thanx for putting money in the canteen for us, we don’t know what we’d do without it… Thanx for caring about every single camper and helping us out with everything, we really appreciate it!!! And thanx for being the most amazing directors in the world!!! HAVE A GOOD SHABBOS!!

Rochele and Esti, the best counsellors in the world!!!

לרב ליפשיץ
שלום רב[
ראשית, הננו מודים  לכם מאד מאד על החויה הנהדרת והנפלאה שביתנו אסתי זכתה לעבור ב"קעמפ" שבהנהלתכם.
כל טוב
יוסף יצחק ונחמה לבקובסקי

Dear Rabbi Lipszyc,

I just wanted to send a note thanking you and your entire family for a wonderful summer.  Chaya Leah did not want to leave camp and is already looking forward to next year!  I am so impressed with the program that you put togetheralong with the quality of all of the counselors.  Yasher Koach to all of you for your effort, knowledge, and theinspiration that you have given my daughter to be the best Bas Yisroel she can be.
Warmest Regards,

Tamar Dickel

Hello Camp Leah Rivkah!
Thank you so much for the super amazing summer experience you gave my daughter! She came home energized invigorated and motivated! She has had a fun happy and productive summer thanks to you and your great staff – every need both gashmius and ruchnius was attended to with the utmost care. Thank you so much – we are so grateful,

Shternie Deitsch

Hi Camp Leah Rivka!
 With the kids finally off to school, I can finally catch my breath long enough to thank you for giving Chaya such a wondefull summer experience. She came back so happy and is still talking about all the wonderful experiences she had at camp. She is crossing off the calendar untill June 2011, because if Moshiach hasn't yet arrived, that's where she'll be. Just make sure to have room for all her friends, because she'll be bringing a crowd!
All the best, and thanks again,
Brocha Lipszyc